But for some people, it’s like talking about the weather

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I’ve been guilty of being arrogant about my academic background and career achievement. Well, I don’t have a degree from Stanford nor work for NASA… Not to that level of fanciness yet, but fancy enough for my relatives who are scattered in small towns across the Indonesian archipelago.

You might be curious about what I’ve achieved in life. If you want me to list my so-called achievements, it won’t happen here because

  1. there are other people out there with greater achievements; so I’m afraid
  2. you’ll end up…

Beyond boycotting brands and not letting our hands dirty

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Do we — yes, you and I — care about saving the planet? Do we adopt a minimalist lifestyle, have a meat-free diet, avoid plastic packaging, do composting, buy clothes only from conscious brands?

If you do, congratulations! We contribute less to the dirty practices of gluttonous businesses. Our body feels healthier thanks to pesticide-free food. Indigenous artisans, farmers, and local bakers also benefit from the money we spend. Local farms are restored. Starting from ourselves feels good because we vote with our money.

If “starting from ourselves” feels that good, imagine how glorious that will be when we get…

But what if you don’t have money?

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Having grown up in corporate and academic mentality, my soul had been a million miles away from the notion of entrepreneurship. But one day, I decided to feed my curiosity about online marketing.

I laid my eyes on Amy Porterfield’s free email marketing training.

So Amy Porterfield is one of the most well-known online marketers. This Lithuanian entrepreneur that I’ve been following for 2 years, Dovilė, mentions her name a lot. She keeps saying how amazing her courses are and how smart and positive she is.

I was sold. I didn’t know where to start so I just grabbed the…

Let’s learn from the vehicles on the road.

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I spent my childhood sitting on a motorbike with my mom. She took me everywhere — to school, English course, markets…

She is a true bold rider. My mom always wants everything to be quick. Quick, quick, quick. “Time is money,” she says all the time. Picture some macho men bringing their shoulders and back down on their huge motorbike, that’s exactly how she looked like on hers. Except she only rides a small manual motorbike.

We used to live in a small neighbourhood where there were barely any cars passing by. Whenever my mom took me somewhere, we’d have…

I don’t want my former boss and colleagues to find me here on Medium

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This is an introduction page dedicated to ILLUMINATION.

My name is Mari — it’s a nickname. There are actually three more letters, which you can guess easily.

I come from Indonesia and ended up in England last year. I left my job in Bali in a small company to join my Lithuanian husband. My former boss had a high expectation for me. He was so sure I could get a promising job based on the experience I got with him. I admit that was a precious one.

But I think I made him disappointed. Maybe he’s not. I’m actually the…

We can smell your insecurity

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What is the major sign of insecurity?

It’s any types of bragging. Overt brags, covert brags, you name it.

What’s ironic is sometimes those who brag are who the society perceives as high achievers. They shape our perception by flaunting their new handbag or a recent six-figure career.

When it’s tempting to brag occasionally, the insecure people do it more often. If there’s nothing left to show off, they will brag about the same thing over and over again. Or worse, some even imagine putting themselves into a situation where they can brag.

Insecure people seek to boost their self-esteem…

Because Zoom may bring the best and worst in us

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My husband and I have joined some interactive church services through Zoom in the last 7 weeks. They bring together over 20 accounts each week.

Last Sunday, after the service ended, one church member started talking about her life during the pandemic. My husband said she reminded him of his grandma. Not only they’re both in their 80s, but also impossible to stop when they start talking.

We know older people need more attention. The thing is, my husband knows when to listen to his grandma and how to stop her.

But we didn’t know what to do with the…

A beginner’s guideline from another beginner

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One Tuesday I contacted the manager of Indonesia’s most famous twin models. They recently followed our Instagram account that runs sustainable fashion campaigns. We didn’t want to miss a chance for an interview.

I told the manager that their campaign for a sustainable lifestyle was of our interest. They have many large platforms. They are gems.

I woke up to an agreement text from the manager on Wednesday. As I had mentioned that we preferred Saturday, he asked me to do the interview through Zoom that Saturday at 1 pm. Jakarta time.

That is 7 am in England where I…

It’s beyond the Chanel bag conversations

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Before reading further, I’ll show you the three points in advance. It will help you decide to leave or keep reading.

2. “Social climbing” is not a degrading term

3. It’s where religious women and sugar babies share similar views

This channel started flooding my YouTube feed with triggering viral videos last year. They looked sensational. Some of you might have even watched them.

It made me puzzled — questioning what this channel was trying to achieve.

…by screaming you hate burpees?

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So you want to have abs for the post-quarantine glow.

Then you do some at-home exercise videos or pay for some workout apps.

You prepare your yoga mat, gym clothes, and some resistance bands. You promise yourself to do this exercise until the end of the lockdown.

The exercises turn out to be too hard to follow. Your neck hurts from crunches. Your hips become sore. You’re out of breath after the exercises.

“!@£$%^&*()!!!” you swear. “That was unbelievably hard!” you hear yourself complaining.

Then, “The trainer did it with no problems. She was rubbing it on my face!”


Mari Teresienė

When a woman’s surname ends with -enė chances are she’s married to a Lithuanian.

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